For a family who plans to move, schools are usually high on the list of priorities and even deal breakers. The importance of a great education cannot be stressed enough.  Here in Sarasota we pride ourselves as having one of the best school districts in the country. We have excellent public and privates schools for all grade levels, but there is one that we are particularly proud of, Pine View School. In our own back yard we have the #6 school in the nation, and recently ranked #1 in Florida. Admitting students from the second grade, Pine View is the only public school for the gifted in the country and has always boasted good records and a reputation for educational excellence during its 45 year tenure. Pine view produces a 99% college preparedness rate. Any child living in Sarasota County can attend Pine View if they meet the requirements to be considered gifted. However, it is important to note that residency in the county must be proven in order to be able to attend. Another requirement is that the child must pass a screening test for giftedness. Tests are administered free of charge for county residents through the office of the ESE Liaison (Exceptions Student Education Liaison) for each school. A qualified psychologist can also conduct the screening privately. The type of screenings tests that are acceptable are available on the school’s website. If your child attends a private school without a liaison or is home-schooled, one can be provided by the school district. There are deadlines. Good luck. ar134529497019388
If you want to know which are the more convenient locations for your family to live for easier access to Pine View, call me on 941-960-3580.

For more information about Pine View School go to their website:   For more information about their awards, check out the Tampa Bay Fox 13 report here: