The opportunity for their children to attend Pine View School is a dream come true for many parents. Pine View is one of the top schools in the nation and many families relocate to Sarasota for their children to attend this school. For other out-of-state families who are considering making such a move it is important to understand that it is a process that has deadlines which you have to be aware of. Many parents just move into Sarasota in the summer, let their children attend regular schools for one school year during which they go through the required process of testing for giftedness eligibility. For some students this can be stressful and extra traumatic because they may have just begun to recover from the initial trauma of relocation to a city only to do it again in another year. It doesn’t have to be so, though. Because it is possible for students to go to Pine View straight from their previous schools without ‘waiting’ for one year. Whiles it is possible, it can be an expensive undertaking. However for some families, the expense may very well be worth it.  For parents who might want to go this route for their children to be in Pine View for next academic year, these are the things and dates to bear in mind.

  1. May 1st– This is the deadline for submission of all relevant documents including test results and copies of report cards and grades from the current school year.
  2. Sarasota County Residency – The is the most important thing – to make sure you have Sarasota county residency by the time you are ready to submit all your documents. For some families, this will likely mean renting or buying a house when they are not really ready to move in yet. Without Sarasota county residency though, your child will NOT be eligible to attend Pine View. Lakewood Ranch is in Manatee county and not Sarasota county.
  3. Families will have to use the services of a private psychologist qualified to administer giftedness screenings and tests. This can a pretty hefty price tag depending on where one leaves. Don’t forget to check the school’s website to make sure the psychologist and the tests that they administer are compliant.
  4. Be vigilant about making sure the test results from the psychologist and grades/report cards from their current school are SENT ON TIME and give yourself plenty of additional time to tie up lose ends. Keep the admission officers’ phone numbers on your speed dial.
  5. All this can be done without having to travel to Sarasota with your child. The point I’m trying to make is that, it is possible for your child to move straight from an out- of-state school to Pine View. What is more, you still have time to do it for next academic year. For some children’s emotional stability and the family’s peace of mind the extra effort and expense is well worth it.


If you need any help with buying or renting a house or even deciding which the best communities are to live in for easier access and commute to Pine View, you can call me Millicent on 941-960-3580.
For more information about Pine View School visit the school’s website at

The Admissions information can be found on their website at