The US News and World Report’s 2017 Best Schools Ranking has just been released and Pine View School for the Gifted, Sarasota County’s public school for academically gifted students made it into the top ranks again. They are #7 in the nation and #1 in Florida. We are very proud of the hard work put in by the principal, students, teachers and parents. To attend Pine View, families must meet two requirements. They have to reside in Sarasota County and children have to meet giftedness requirements. There are deadlines for applications. The good news is that there is still time, albeit very little, for you to get submit an application for your child to attend Pine View this fall.

May 2nd – The deadline to submit of all relevant documents including test results and copies of report cards and to obtain Sarasota County Residency. Without Sarasota county residency your child will NOT be eligible.  

Families would have to use the services of a private psychologist qualified to administer giftedness screenings and tests. Don’t forget to check from the school to make sure the psychologist and the tests that they administer are compliant.

If you need any help with buying or renting a house or even deciding the best communities to live in for easier access to Pine View, contact me 941-960-3580.