What We Do

Our Services

Whether you are looking for Rentals, Buying, or Selling we can help. We are an experienced real estate agency.


Community Tours

Want to learn more about our community? Call me to schedule a tour when you are in town for your interview.

Finding You a Home

Rent first before buying? Or buy right away to avoid moving again? This is the most important decision for most families. We will work together to determine what is best for your family’s needs. You will never be pressured to buy a house.

Real Estate Investments:

Making your real estate investment dreams come true by finding and helping you purchase desirable properties. If needed we can refer a great rental management company.

Connecting You With People

I can make introductions to other families if you wish. You can start making friends and having fun.

Market Information

Have questions about the real estate market that you want to be answered by a trustworthy partner? Call me.

Office Leasing

Want to start a private practice? We have leasing and commercial agents we can refer, plus lenders, attorneys etc.

Help with School Applications and Deadlines if needed (for example Pine View School and Riverview High IB have deadlines).
Cost of our Services: We only get paid when we help you sell or buy a house. All other services are gratuitous because we want to make your life easier, and also to make you a raving fan:)


We will help you sell your house and can refer you to a great agent in your new location to help you settle in smoothly.


We work with lender partners who are the best in the industry. However unique your financial situation is, we can find a lender to help.


As recruiters and hiring managers you know that acquiring top talent is extremely competitive and physician recruitment and retention even more so. My desire is to help and partner with you to “win this ‘competition” every time. I will work closely with you to give your candidates everything they need to know that they will be working for a great organization and living in a wonderful community. We will promote our neighborhoods, schools, beaches, arts and lifestyle. And when they accept your job offer we will work together to make their transition a seamless and stress free experience as possible. Call me to discuss how we can partner together. 941-960-3580