What Makes Us Different?

Here are 10 Great Ways That Your Relocation To Sarasota is Easier With Millicent.

How about good old excellent customer service, Like:

  1. She communicates and gives you prompt updates (as frequently as you desire)
  2. Only seeks the best for your family. Renting or Buying? Will never push you to buy if not in your best interest.
  3. Does whatever it takes. Make school calls on your behalf if needed.
  4. Promptly answers her phone or will call you right back.
  5. Works with great rental agencies and will communicate promptly with you at all times
  6. Speaks the language of healthcare and KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS the issues you face.
  7. Beyond selling you a home, she will connect you to other healthcare families (if you want). You and your family will make friends, belong to a supportive community and begin to thrive.
  8. Partners with a great team of reputable lenders who can handle all unique financial situations. Plus attorneys, accountants, financial planners etc, that she can refer if you want.
  9. A hub of information and resources, like kids’ extra curriculum activities, summer camps, places of worship, child care etc
  10. With Millicent you are getting the whole package. Top notch, personalized service from a professional who speaks your language, understands your world and with whom you can identify.

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